LeMar Industries designs and builds systems that utilize high-intensity ultrasound (Industrial Sonomechanics ISP-3000) to remove both inorganic and organic sulfur from oil and liquid hydrocarbon fuels in a two stage process. The systems are designed to meet the scale and intensity of sulfur removal as needed by our clients. 

First Stage 

The acoustic cavitation created by ultrasound finely disperses the dilute oxidizer into the organic fuel allowing for the reaction of the oxidizer (H2O2) with the non-polar fuel. Both the inorganic and organic sulfur compounds are converted into oxidized forms (sulfoxides and sulfones). After reaction, the oily fuel and water phases are separated and the removed hydrogen peroxide/water solution which can be recycled and re-used.


Second stage

Ultrasound in combination with a polar solvent is used for rapid extraction of sulfoxides/sulfones from the oil after it is processed in the first stage. The polar solvent extracts the oxidized sulfur compounds away from the oil/hydrocarbon fuel; the fuel is now desulfurized. The final step is the separation of the sulfoxides/sulfones from the polar solvent to separate and recycle the polar solvent away from the oxidized sulfur. The polar solvent can be re-used in the second stage.