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  • Engineering

    We design the skid-mounted modular equipment for placement on concrete slab foundations.

  • Procurement

    We and our partners manufacture equipment by updated technologies under own patents and "know-how."

  • Installation

    We provide personnel to advise the buyer of the final assembly and construction at each refinery site.

  • Start-Up

    We supply an advisory crew for the startup of the process equipment.

Welcome to LeMarInd a Subsidiary of LeMar Industries Inc.

LeMarLLC, an engineering and manufacturing company, designs and places specialized industrial plants. It was formed in 1992 with a split of American Technology Group, Inc., it was renamed in 2001 to LeMarInd in California, USA, and in 2013 LeMarLLC became a subsidiary of LeMar Industries Inc..

The company carries out engineering projects and export marketing for US-built equipment. The company does international projects with placement of complete or partial industrial plants. LeMar is a member of SAE - since 1993 and ASAB since 1997. For years of the existence the company has made more than 32 different international projects in Canada, Mexico, China, India, Georgia and Taiwan.


- Gas to Liquid Fuel
- Boiler Systems
- Coal & CTL
- more

Our Services

From engineering and designing to fabrication, shipment, installation, start up and testrun.

Project Development

With every new project undertaken, LeMar LLC works with the customer to analyze as accurately and thoroughly as possible the technical, scientific, and financial aspects of the project.


Our primary US manufacturers are D and R Industries and Chemex Inc.